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Atomic Physics 22:51

Atomic Physics...

20.92MB 18 December 2017
UChicago Arts: Practice is Scholarship 04:23
The Exotic is Never Home 2018–19 03:36
Tiles at the Logan Center 00:25

Tiles at the Logan Center...

390.63kB 22 July 2019
Under One Roof 2018–19 04:05

Under One Roof 2018–19...

3.74MB 15 August 2019
Artists in Conversation: David Leggett 54:19
Vends + Vibes featuring Ayana Contreras Vintage 00:47
Arts + Public Life at the University of Chicago 03:16
Derrick Adams performs 'The Entertainer' 11:40
Sahmat Collective: Ways of Resisting 03:07
Dedication Ceremony for the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts 06:56
The Phoenix Index 2014–15 03:19

The Phoenix Index 2014–15...

3.04MB 10 July 2015
Gray Center Mellon Fellows: Daniel Tucker and Rebecca Zorach 05:00
Dripping, Creaking, Flowing: Narratives of Hydrological Change in Antarctica 2018–19 03:28
Second Monday Blues: Lurie Bell 35:28

Second Monday Blues: Lurie Bell...

32.47MB 01 October 2019
Place Lab 02:38

Place Lab...

2.41MB 11 February 2016
Unfolding Dimensionality: Its Natural History, Social Life, and Sensuous Practicum 2016–17 02:25
Imagining with Runoff 2016–17 02:26
AFRICOBRA: Perspectives: A conversation between Patric McCoy, Raymond Thomas, and Rebecca Zorach 07:22
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